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Having the innovation to dream up a new invention is unfortunately only the first step in taking that idea through to a profitable conclusion. There are numerous obstacles that need to be overcome in order to get your idea to market and to further ensure that the market buys your product. The first step, the patenting of your idea, is the most important because this protects it for a specified period so that other companies or individuals can not use your idea. Patent Assistance Worldwide can review your product ideas and then assist you in the application for a patent and they can also help you with other factors including technical writing and drawings and even the marketing and advertising of your product.

A patent is a legal means of protecting your idea. An invention needs to be clearly and accurately defined during the application process and, on submission and acceptance of this application, your product will be granted a patent for a set number of years. In the USA, a patent lasts for 20 years and during this time you have the sole right to use and produce your invention.

Even before the application process begins there are certain steps that you need to take. Primarily, this means checking existing patents to ensure that nobody else holds a patent on your idea already. Submit your product idea to Patent Assistance Worldwide and they will work with you from the beginning of the patent application process through to the production, manufacture, and marketing of your product.

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